Difference Between Touring & Commuting Panniers

Panniers are like people: they come in all shapes & sizes. Learn the difference between touring & commuting panniers from someone who tours … [Continue Reading]

bike outfitted with panniers for touring

Bicycle Saddles

The topic of bicycle saddles can be a never-ending argument amongst cyclists. What saddle is best for me may not be the best for someone else. So I … [Continue Reading]

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Touring Bicycles

(NOTE: You can see the best road bikes for 2015 here) I have been riding bicycles seriously for over thirty years. I have ridden all out touring … [Continue Reading]

Touring Gear Reviews

The New and Improved Thule T2 XTR 2-Bike Hitch Rack

The Thule T2 XTR 2-Bike Hitch Rack For years, the Thule T2 series of bike racks has been amongst the best selling models in America. Since the rack's inception in 2005, … [Read More...]

Touring Advice

Best Cycling Energy Supplements of 2015

Best Cycling Energy Supplements of 2015 When you're out on the bike this summer, spending long hours engaging in strenuous physical activity in the warmest months of the … [Read More...]

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3 Pro Cycling Tours that YOU Can Ride

Pro Cycling Tours Available to You You may not be a professional cyclist, but that doesn't mean that you can't ride like one. While the world's finest … [Read More...]

The Best Bicycle Tours on All Seven Continents

The Best Bicycle Tours on All Seven Continents If you're serious about bicycle touring, it should be a goal of yours to explore as much of the world as … [Read More...]

Best Three Locations And The Top Gear For Warm Weather Bike Tours

Winter is just around the corner and cyclists have two options to deal with it. You could freeze your way biking through it. In fact, check out our article … [Read More...]