Allen Sports AL02 Bike Rack: Redefining Convenience


Allen Sports AL02 Bike Rack

Bike racks are something we don’t mention too much on this site because, well…they’re a pretty straightforward item. However, bike racks are something that almost all cyclists need, and when a major development happens with any cycling essential, it is our job to inform you. Such is the case with the Allen Sports AL02 Bike Rack, which is here to change the concept of bike racks forever!

All bike racks these days do a pretty good job of keeping your bike safely secured on the back of your car, and this bike rack is no exception. What makes the Allen Sports AL02 Bike Rack so innovative and special is what it can do when it is not attached to your vehicle. That is because when the AL02 is not in use, it folds down. But that doesn’t mean that it simply breaks down easily to take up less space – the Allen Sports AL02 Bike Rack folds down into a teensy package that can fit in a shoebox. This bike rack is truly an engineering marvel that will make your life much easier.

One of the downsides of traditional bike racks is the inconvenience of transferring the rack between cars – some bike racks don’t even allow you to do that. Now, with the Allen Sports AL02 Bike Rack, this process is easy and simple, as the tiny, lightweight compacted bike rack is moved and set up with ease.

To get a sense of just how compact the Allen Sports AL02 Bike Rack can get, check out the photo below.


The Allen Sports AL02 Bike Rack can support up to 70 pounds, which is everything you would need out of a bike rack, while maintaining its own weight of just 3.5 pounds. Not a bad ratio.

With its ability to fold down, you can even bring the Allen Sports AL02 Bike Rack along with you in a backpack, if you wish to bike somewhere and then drive. The options are endless and convenience is incredible with this one-of-a-kind bike rack.

In addition to its impressive size, weight, and strength, the Allen Sports AL02 Bike Rack can fit pretty much all sedans and SUVs, and the rack can be set up and installed in seconds, even if you’re starting with the folded-up package.

With a price tag of just $120, the Allen Sports AL02 Bike Rack is an awesome, innovative new product that will change your entire thinking on the topic of bike racks.

You can get your own Allen Sports AL02 Bike Rack here!

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