The New and Improved Thule T2 XTR 2-Bike Hitch Rack

The Thule T2 XTR 2-Bike Hitch Rack For years, the Thule T2 series of bike racks has been amongst the best selling models in America. Since the rack’s inception in 2005, Thule claims that the T2 has been the most popular bike rack in America, and it’s hard to argue with their assessment, as more than […]

The Versatile Giro Wind Guard 1/4 Zip Jersey

Giro Wind Guard 1/4 Zip Jersey Giro is gearing up and making 2015 a year to remember for cycling attire. Having just reviewed the Giro Road CA 2.0 Overshorts, today we turn our attention to another item in Giro’s new 2015 catalog. This new line of Giro road gear is designed to mix performance wear […]

Keeping it Casual: Giro Road CA Ride 2.0 Overshorts

Giro Road CA Ride 2.0 Overshorts While we all love to discuss high-performance, aerodynamic bicycle equipment, gear, and apparel, sometimes when you’re on the bike comfort is every bit as important. While spandex and bibs certainly have a time and place, there are also some occasions when you just want to ride, chill, and be […]

Scott Releases New Foil 10 Road Bike

2015 Scott Foil 10 Road Bike With summer in full swing, several bicycle companies are releasing their newest bikes for 2015. In just the past week, Trek, Cannondale, and Scott – some of the biggest bicycle manufacturers in the world – have all released new 2015 models. One of these models is Scott’s Foil 10 Road […]

Fabric’s “The Chamber” – the Only Bike Tool You Need

Fabric “The Chamber” Bike Tool You never know when you might need a bike tool. Unexpected things can happen when you’re out on the road, so it never hurts to be prepared with some tools to fix minor bike issues on the go. However, carrying around a bag of tools at all times would certainly […]

Flat Tire? Fix it on the Go with the Dynaplug Micro Pro

Dynaplug Micro Pro Tire Repair Kit If you have tubeless bike tires, flat tires are something that you probably don’t have to deal with too frequently. However, in those unfortunate times when you do get a flat on your tubeless tires, it can be very frustrating. Fortunately, the Dynaplug Micro Pro tire repair kit is here […]

Allen Sports AL02 Bike Rack: Redefining Convenience

Allen Sports AL02 Bike Rack Bike racks are something we don’t mention too much on this site because, well…they’re a pretty straightforward item. However, bike racks are something that almost all cyclists need, and when a major development happens with any cycling essential, it is our job to inform you. Such is the case with […]

Best Cycling Earphones

Best Cycling Earphones of 2015 If you’re the type of cyclist who likes to ride by yourself and really get into the zone, then you probably also like to blast some jams from time to time to keep you pumped up and charging. However, the nature of cycling is certainly not conducive to all types […]

Garmin Edge 810: The Perfect Bike Computer

Garmin Edge 810 Bike Computer If you’re looking to make everything about bicycling just a little bit easier, it is high time you invested in a quality bike computer. While some of the best cycling watches can provide many of the features you’d want in a cycling computer, there is nothing more convenient than having […]

Topo Designs Flap Backpack: A Timeless Cycling Classic

Topo Designs Flap Backpack If you’re a more casual cyclist, who cares about style just as much as performance, then you need not sift through incredibly expensive, ultralight backpacks for your needs. Instead, you should focus on cool, hip backpacks that will still get the job done whether you are commuting or bicycle touring. The Topo […]