BeetElite Neo Shot: Perfect Fuel for Cyclists


BeetElite Neo Shot

In the world of sports nutrition, the different possibilities and choices that are available to athletes are seemingly endless. You can opt for sports drinks. You can use energy chews. You can eat a wide range of sports energy bars. You can try supplements. The possibilities can sometimes be downright overwhelming.

However, when looking for the ultimate in sports nutrition, sometimes it’s best to avoid all of the fancy, synthesized products that constantly flood the market, and just go back to good ol’ Mother Nature. Such is the case with one of our favorite new products – the BeetElite Neo Shot.

The BeetElite Neo Shot is a favorite of many professional athletes and many nutritionists, and for good reason – this natural sports energy product simply works. The BeetElite Neo Shot is not fancy and engineered in a laboratory somewhere; the science here is just harnessing the natural benefits of the beetroot and using them in a sports supplement.

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The secret of the Neo Shot is in BeetElite’s Neogenis beetroot extract. Neogenis is dehydrated from beetroot using a dehydration method that leaves vital nutrients intact. The BeetElite Neo Shot utilizes four simple, organic ingredients, which assist your body’s delivery of nitric oxide to the muscles, speeding the process up by more than three times. With no added sugars or ingredients, the BeetElite Neo Shot will not leave you dehydrated, and nothing artificial is added, so you can know that what is going into your body is all natural.

With enhanced nitric oxide delivery, your muscles will feel replenished more quickly, which is essential when you are spending long hours out on the bicycle. The natural compounds in the BeetElite Neo Shot will further serve to keep you hydrated and feeling great for hours upon hours. Many professional cyclists and high-performance athletes swear by the natural power of the BeetElite Neo Shot.

The BeetElite Neo Shot comes in packs of ten, and each packet is mixed with four ounces of water for one serving. You can take the product before a ride, or bring a packet along to use during your ride; the choice is yours.

If you need a new energy product and haven’t been impressed with other things you’ve tried, you should definitely give the BeetElite Neo Shot a chance! Check it out here.
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