Bicycle Maps America

This section attempts to summarize some of the available map and route sources for North America (USA and Canada). These sources include mainly state and local governments, bicycle clubs, and non-profit cycling organizations.

The maps and route information here does not include commercial sites. Consequently, the cost for this information is free or minimum. We believe that there is a wealth of free information for bicycle touring in America. You just need to know where to get it. One nice thing about bicycle tourists is that they like to share favorite route information.

If you’re looking for guided bike tours through America, then let us help you! Our help is 100% free and costs you nothing extra.

One of the recent improvements for obtaining maps have been portable GPS systems for bicycles. These GPS systems have become common amongst long-distance bicyclist and some clubs. As a result, more free downloads for bicycling routes have become available. One of the best places to get these free GPS information is from internet blogs and bicycle clubs. We are aggressively searching for these free downloads and we will make the links available when we find them.

If you have links to additional routes and maps for America or Canada, please contact us so that we can include the information here.

Bicycling Maps for North America



Pacific/West    West    Central/Northern Midwest

Southeast    Mid/North East    New England

Be sure to check out the lists of free available maps and guides in the left column. There are 1000s of free brochures and information of bicycle routes and tours from all over the world. You can choose your interest by activity and country. This information is invaluable in your search for good resources for any bicycle adventure.

Also check out the information in the left column about bicycling in specific countries. Information includes getting there, lodging, bike rentals, and general information about bicycling in different regions of each country.

Bicycle Maps Canada

  • GPS Tour Information Canada: GPS touring and online maps of numerous road and mountain biking trips in Canada. All free and excellent source.
  • Bikely: Online maps for mountain biking and bicycle routes inputed by readers. Search by country and region.
  • Across Canada Trails: Free GPS download and online map of bicycle tour across Canada.
  • Nova Scotia Tourism Site: Trails and travel in Nova Scotia.
  • MapMyRide: Online maps for bicycle routes inputed by readers. Search by country and region.
  • Adventure Cycling Association: It is a nonprofit organization to inspire people of all ages to travel by bicycle for fitness, fun, and self-discovery. Maps and tours for bicycle trips. Also lots of touring information and articles.

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Bicycle Maps America

  • GPS Tour Information USA: GPS touring and online maps of numerous road and mountain biking trips across USA. All free and increasing every day. (No longer active)
  • Bikely: Online maps for mountain biking and bicycle routes inputed by readers. Search by country and region.
  • MapMyRide: Online maps for bicycle routes inputed by readers. Search by country and state.

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Pacific & West Coast



  • Path Hawaii: Road and mountain biking trails on the Big Island of Hawaii.


  • Bicycle Transportation Alliance: Lots of free online maps in Oregon. Lots of links to other free Oregon maps.
  • Oregon DOT: Free ODOT bicycle maps and local maps. Lots of links to other free Oregon maps.
  • by Bicycle Org: For bicycle routes in Portland, enter your origin and your destination, and it offers a suggested bike route.
  • City of Portland DOT: Lots of online maps and bicycling guides in and around Portland.


  • Washington State DOT: Online source for bicycle maps, trails, ferry schedules, bike shops, camp grounds all over the state.
  • Seattle Bicycle Touring Club: Online bicycle maps and routes in and around Seattle. Club ride information and contact information.

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  • Colorado DOT: Online maps and ordering information for roads, mountain passes, and city maps.
  • Bicycle Colorado: Free source of bicycle maps, trail information, and general resources for Colorado.


  • Greater Arizona Bicycling Association: Loads of links to online maps, mountain biking trails, clubs, rides, and anything bicycling you may want around Arizona. (No longer active)
  • Arizona DOT: Online bicycling maps of Arizona and cities.

New Mexico

  • New Mexico DOT: State and city bicycling maps and routes for New Mexico. (No longer active)


  • Biking around Lake Tahoe: Mountain biking and road routes in and around Lake Tahoe.
  • RTC Southern Nevada: Road bicycling routes in and around Las Vegas Valley. (No longer active)


  • Texas Bicycle Coalition: Numberous links to maps of bicycle routes and maps for various regions of Texas.
  • Texas Trail Network: Non-profit organization with ‘find a trail’ data base for mountain and road biking trails throughout Texas.


  • Utah Bicycling Advocacy: Online information for mountain biking, road bicycling, and events in Utah. Maps, resources, guides, and lots of links.

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Central/Northern Midwest



  • Central Indiana: Bicycling maps for Fort Wayne to Evansville, Indiana. (No longer active)


  • Kansas DOT: Bicycling maps of Kansas and cities. Also, information about recreation areas, campgrounds, and parks.


  • Upper Peninsula Trails: Run by the Hannahville Indian Reservation and includes hundreds of mountain biking trails descriptions and maps.
  • Michigan DOT: Gives you all the information to order county maps, shoreline bicycle route maps, events calendar, and other bicycling information. Small fee for most maps.


  • Minnesota DOT: How to order bicycle, city, and county maps for the entire state of Minnesota.



  • Ohio DOT: Ohio bicycling page of maps, routes, guides and information.


  • Oklahoma Bicycle Society: Lots of online maps from all over Oklahoma. Also, links to bike shops, guides, and general information. (No longer active)


  • Wisconsin DOT: Online maps for the state, counties, and cities. Also guides and mountain biking trails.

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  • North Carolina DOT: How to order road and mountain biking maps for the entire state and National Forest areas. Planned bicycle routes all across the state and urban maps. Directory of bike shops, clubs, and tourist information.
  • South Carolina Trails Program: Mountain biking trails and road touring routes throughout South Carolina. Information on rails to trail, state and federal parks, and hiking.
  • South Carolina DOT: Data base of downloadable maps by county.


  • SWAMP: Mountain biking trails and rides around Tampa, Florida.
  • Florida DOT: Florida’s bicycle program. Where to get trail maps, bike path maps, and county maps. Some available online.


  • Georgia DOT: Resource for state and local bicycling maps for Georgia.


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Mid/North East

  • East Coast Greenway: Calis, Maine to Key West, Florida bicycle route. Guides, route maps, and state maps to download and purchase.

New York


  • The Alleghenies Cycling: Road and mountain biking routes in the Alleghenies.
  • The Great Allegheny Passage: Maps and links for the trail from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, Maryland.
  • Pennsylvania DOT: Downloadable bicycling maps of routes throughout Pennsylvania. Link to Pennsylvania Rails to Trails system. (No longer active)


West Virginia

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New England



  • Maine DOT: Detailed bicycle tours and maps throughout the state. Excellent details and information. (No longer active)


New Hampshire

  • New Hampshire DOT: Excellent resource for bicycle routes, maps and guides for bicycle tours in and around New Hampshire.


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If you’re looking for guided bike tours through America, then let us help you! Our help is 100% free and costs you nothing extra.


  1. Gary C. Wobler says:

    Looking for bike route from Indianapolis to Punta Gorda Florida

  2. Jason Burchstead says:

    Dear Mr. Stultz, I would like to congradulate you on 30 years of touring by bike. That’s amazing. Second I would very much like to ask your advice on something. I’m planning a cross-country mtnbike ride from Mass. to LA, Calif. Thought on doing it by and where to find the best routes and what gear would be best to have along. Any info. will help. I’ve ridden over the hundred mile mark a few times, but this will obviously be much bigger. Would appreciate ANY help or advice you could lend me. THX, JRB

    • John Stultz says:

      Hi Jason,

      Congrats on your trip! Personally, never done a mountain bike ride from Mass to LA. is a great resource.

      Regarding gear, I’d recommend getting a mountain bike with 26″ wheels and has multiple bottle cages. I’d also recommend pulling a trailer instead of using panniers.

      Good luck!

      ~ John

  3. David Kelcher says:

    I have been all over the internet to find a map from Los Angeles California to Charleston South Carolina. I’m a newbie and am just now buying a bike and equipment for the trip. I a very concerned about which roads I can travel on legally. I am going unsupported by myself. I am very sure I can do this (am 55 yoa) but I need a route and all the internet locations won’t give me the roads to travel. Can you help me?

    As I ride through major cities for instance LA, can I ride on any city streets that I want? I noticed on the internet that there are marked bicycle routes. do I have to use those or can I ride on any street that I want? ( as long as it’s not a major highway, right?) and what is considered a major highway that I cannot be on?

    • John Stultz says:

      Sorry, David! Not familiar with a route like that.

      Not only are there major highways you can’t be on, but you don’t even want to be on them! I’d recommend getting in touch with some local cycling organizations to help you prepare a route.

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    sobra en sus vehiculos para realizar el cambio del mismo modelo y marca
    que usted tenga instalado.

  5. Dave S. says:

    The current Connecticut Bicycle Map link leads to “The requested article is no longer published.” After a bit of link chasing, there’s an older version of the CT bike map at
    This was a redirect from – who was begging “technical problems’