Bicycle Touring Guide: A Lifetime of Adventures

Are you dreaming about a bicycling adventure? Maybe you’re daydreaming about bicycle touring through the countryside of France, stopping for lunch at a small outdoor café, sipping wine, and sampling the local foods… Or biking through countless vineyards. Maybe you see yourself bike touring along the rolling back roads of Tuscany… All are great bicycling hotspots.

But what do you know about other locations:

  • The English countryside
  • The rolling hills of Ireland or Scotland
  • The California vineyards and breathtaking coastline
  • The tropical paradise of Maui
  • The tranquil beaches and mountains of the Caribbean
  • The wilds of Alaska
  • And other numerous locales

At first you might book a tour on a crowded tour bus and spend 30 minutes at each stop. Or you might rent a car and race between one city and to the next and never really see anything along the way. But a true adventure unfolds slowly! So take your time and slow down.

Bicycle touring offers you this opportunity.

On a bike tour you see the countryside and meet the local residents. You can stop at a roadside store, sit outside in the shade, and enjoy a quiet lunch and a local refreshment. You might choose to stay at small hotels, inns, or hostels. Or camping might be your style. All are choices that you will need to make early in your planning. But in the end you will return with wonderful memories… memories that will last a lifetime.

You may have a lot of questions before you go:

  • Are the roads better suited for a road bicycle or a mountain bike?
  • Which months should you go?
  • Do you bring your own bicycle or rent locally?
  • How do you ship your bike on an airplane or a train?
  • What gear and bike clothing should you bring?
  • Should you choose a respected tour company?They may set up your complete itinerary. All of your overnights may be planned out. They may assist with your food. And they may carry all you gear and make repairs on your bike.
  • Should you plan everything yourself? You might be considering small panniers or a bicycle trailer. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of panniers and bike trailers? And where do you get maps and local information?

These are questions that need to be researched and answered.

I have been riding bicycles for over thirty years. I have been bicycle touring on road bicycles and mountain bikes. Sometimes I have chosen bicycle tour companies to set up everything. Other times I have done all the research myself and set out on my own to discover what awaited me. Always I am looking for the perfect touring gear, touring bicycle, and touring destinations.

This Bicycle Touring Guide is the culmination of all that experience. It is here to help you find different locales and to give you the knowledge to come home with countless memories.

Happiness is in the journey…

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