Bicycle Touring Guide Team

Thanks for visiting Bicycle Touring Guide! Our team of bicycle adventurers share the same passion & enthusiasm for bicycle touring as you do! Here’s a bit about each of us and what we’ve written.

About John Stultz

John Stultz is the owner of Bear Paw Tents. He’s been bicycle touring for over 30 years and is excited for sharing his insight on cycling. He considers himself an ultralight backpacker and ultralight bicycle tourer. John is the original founder of He started the website to share his passion for touring and to help people plan for their own bicycle tour. You can read all of John’s articles here

About Leanne

Leanne is a writer and musician living in Boston. Her interest in cycling was born when she realized how convenient biking in the city was, and it has evolved from there. Whether biking down the street for dinner or across the city for band practice with a bass on her back, Leanne has become an avid urban biker. You can read all of Leanne’s articles here

About Rachel

Rachel is a receptionist, happily bike commuting to set appointments and answer phones in Boulder. She and her husband moved to this unique town for the mountains and the bike lanes; both of which have exceeded expectations. When she isn’t running or climbing, Rachel likes to read, write, and plan for the next bicycle tour. Destination: Europe. You can read all of Rache’s articles here