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Best Cycling Energy Supplements of 2015

Best Cycling Energy Supplements of 2015 When you’re out on the bike this summer, spending long hours engaging in strenuous physical activity in the warmest months of the year, you’ll want to make extra sure that your body is receiving the fuel it needs to perform at peak levels. From energy drinks to energy bars […]

BeetElite Neo Shot: Perfect Fuel for Cyclists

BeetElite Neo Shot In the world of sports nutrition, the different possibilities and choices that are available to athletes are seemingly endless. You can opt for sports drinks. You can use energy chews. You can eat a wide range of sports energy bars. You can try supplements. The possibilities can sometimes be downright overwhelming. However, when […]

Stay Thirsty: The 5 Best Drinks to Bring Cycling

The Best Beverages for Cycling A few weeks ago, we discussed the best snacks and energy supplements you can bring along on your cycling excursions to keep you riding hard and energetically for hours. But it’s not all about what you eat while on your bicycle – what you drink can be even more important. […]

Best Snacks to Eat While on the Bike

Refueling While on the Bike As any serious cyclist knows, what you put into your body is generally directly related to how much you can get out of your body during grueling physical activity. Here at Bicycle Touring Guide, we’ve already covered what to eat before you get on the bike, as well as what […]

Best 6 Fall Bike Trails in the U.S.A.

There are many ways to enjoy the red and golds of fall in the United States. Some people take walks along city streets, others embark on road trips to New England’s coastal towns. Our favorite way to take in the changing season is on a bike saddle. Biking can lead you deep into forest to […]

How to Deal with Headwind on a Bicycle Tour

No matter how much thought you put into your routing and schedule, weather will always prove a nuisance at some point during your bike tour. You could find yourself soaked through with rain while you’re pedaling through Death Valley or you could find yourself sweating to death in a Fargo heat wave. Wind is a […]

8 Tips for Towing a Trailer on Tour

Towing a trailer for the first time might seem easy, but there are a few things you need to know before you make the journey hauling your stuff behind you. By making careless mistakes you could break your trailer and risk ruining the stuff inside.  How To Keep Your Trailer Safe While Touring It’s a […]

In Pain? How to Stave Off and Soothe Muscle Soreness from Cycling

Muscle soreness is a touring cyclist’s worst enemy. Yes, sore muscles hurt no matter who you are and what you’re doing, but when you feel incapacitated on tour you need to push through the pain to stay on track. If you’re touring with a group of cyclists it’s best to avoid muscle soreness at all […]

5 Secret Weapons for a Winter Bike Tour

Just because snow has hit doesn’t mean you have to stop touring. Want to learn how to do a winter bike tour? Here are my 5 secret weapons that you’ll need. Yes, there is a lot to worry about when you bike in the colder months. You’ll be shivering, it will get dark earlier, your […]

10 Easy Tips for Bike Maintenance

Anyone can maintain their bike & postpone a costly repair. Here are 10 easy bike maintenance tips from a bike tourer you can do to keep your bike in shape. I’m guilty of mistreating a few bikes in my day. Sometimes I didn’t feel like carrying my bike up the four flights of stairs into […]