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3 Pro Cycling Tours that YOU Can Ride

Pro Cycling Tours Available to You You may not be a professional cyclist, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t ride like one. While the world’s finest bicyclists take on elite bike tours around the world, from the Tour de France to the Giro d’Italia, you usually opt for a weekend ride around your typical […]

The Best Bicycle Tours on All Seven Continents

The Best Bicycle Tours on All Seven Continents If you’re serious about bicycle touring, it should be a goal of yours to explore as much of the world as possible on your own two wheels. While getting to every country in the world on a bicycle is highly unrealistic, there is no reason why you can’t […]

Best Three Locations And The Top Gear For Warm Weather Bike Tours

Winter is just around the corner and cyclists have two options to deal with it. You could freeze your way biking through it. In fact, check out our article on winter biking riding for some tips to help you along the way. Another, considerably more enticing option, is to abandon the snowy winter paths and […]

Best 6 Fall Bike Trails in the U.S.A.

There are many ways to enjoy the red and golds of fall in the United States. Some people take walks along city streets, others embark on road trips to New England’s coastal towns. Our favorite way to take in the changing season is on a bike saddle. Biking can lead you deep into forest to […]

Choosing Your First Bike Tour

There are plenty of articles online about choosing a touring bike, but if you’re a beginner it is just as important to make careful considerations when choosing a bike tour that’s right for you. Every bike tour is different and there are questions you should ask yourself before committing to one. Now that I’ve been […]

My Solo Bike Tour of the Great Allegheny Passage

Growing up in Pittsburgh, I dreamt of seeing everywhere except southwestern Pennsylvania. But somewhere in my late twenties, I came across Marcel Proust’s quote, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Why hadn’t I thought of touring my own backyard? I had seen plenty of the […]

My Bike Ride Across Georgia

There is no better way to experience a new place for the first time than on the seat of your bike. I learned this firsthand when I did the Bike Ride Across Georgia (BRAG) in 2007 with a good friend I met in college. His family did it every year, and he asked me to […]

Bicycling Kansas

The flatlands aren’t so flat. I never would have believed it had I not made the journey myself a few years ago. Turns out, the hills don’t stop after the Colorado Rockies fade into the distance and the Kansas countryside spreads out in front. The following description may surprise you, but more so, I hope it […]

Best Boston Neighborhoods for Biking

Not every city is bicycle friendly. The trend of commuting by bike has not yet caught on in many cities, and while commuters might still bike in these cities, the conditions are not always safe. Luckily for Bostonians, Beantown is privy to some of the best neighborhoods a city can offer for cyclists. The following […]

Bicycling Spain

Bicycling is a popular sport in Spain, both with the local people as well as foreign tourist, many of whom come to Spain specifically for the cycling. Whatever your age or fitness level, Spain has suitable cycling options for you. There are easy and gentle rides in the vineyard valleys like La Rioja. And for […]