Scott Releases New Foil 10 Road Bike

2015 Scott Foil 10 Road Bike With summer in full swing, several bicycle companies are releasing their newest bikes for 2015. In just the past week, Trek, Cannondale, and Scott – some of the biggest bicycle manufacturers in the world – have all released new 2015 models. One of these models is Scott’s Foil 10 Road […]

Best Women’s Road Bikes of 2015

Best Women’s Road Bikes Bicycle technology is always changing and evolving for the better. The technology that is the best at any given time becomes outdated just a few years into the future. Needless to say, A LOT has changed since we wrote our last article about the best women’s road bikes on the market three […]

The Ridley Noah RS CR1: Fast, Fast, FAST

Ridley Noah RS CR1 Road Bike For those of you that love high performance in a reasonably-priced package, there’s a new bicycle you need to hear of. If you love to ride as fast as possible, you should listen up extra closely. The Ridley Noah RS CR1 Road Bike is here to change your world. The […]

The Bell Star Pro Bike Helmet with Transitions Shield is a Game Changer!

Bell Star Pro Bike Helmet with Transitions Shield We recently covered some of the best helmets for 2015, but the industry of bicycling technology is always evolving, and the latest innovation in cycling helmets is here. The newest helmet to wow us with its impressive features is the Bell Star Pro Bike Helmet with a Transitions Shield. […]

Best Men’s Road Bikes of 2015

Best Men’s Road Bikes Bicycle technology is always changing and evolving for the better. Accordingly, the items that were once the best become outdated fairly quickly. Needless to say, A LOT has changed since we wrote our last article about the best men’s road bikes on the market two years ago. So, today we’re bringing […]

The 5 Best Road Bikes Under $1000

The Best Affordable Road Bikes When shopping for a new bike, you can quickly become overwhelmed by just how much some of the best bicycles cost these days. Odds are, unless you’re an incredibly serious cyclist, you’re not looking to spend a small fortune on a top-of-the-line road bike. However, when you find yourself in […]

REI Teams up with GHOST Bikes

GHOST Bikes Now Available at REI! REI has recently teamed up with German cycling manufacturer GHOST in an attempt to bring high-performance, European bikes to an American market through the sporting goods company’s stores. REI and GHOST have agreed to a deal that makes REI the sole purveyor of GHOST bicycles stateside. REI is currently selling 32 GHOST models, but […]

The Borealis Yampa – A Perfect Winter Bike

The Borealis Yampa – A New Breed of Winter “Fat Bike” In keeping with our last article about what equipment you need to have a successful winter cycling season, today we’re going to discuss a bike that’s perfectly suited to outdoor winter riding, should you choose to brave the elements and get some snow-riding in this winter. The Borealis […]

Patchnride Flat Tire Fixing Device Brings Salvation to All Cyclists

You’re halfway through a difficult biking trail, making your best time ever, feeling the bike become one with your body as you cruise expertly around dips, rocks, and sharp corners. You take a risk and make the big leap- the one you’ve always been too cautious to jump- and soar through the air, shamelessly proud […]

The Best 3 Women’s Road Bikes

(Editor’s note: An update to this list for 2015 can be seen here). Alright, ladies! It’s your turn. Here are the top three bikes made for the feminine shape. No, these bike don’t have flower decals and pink ribbons, but you can certainly add them if you want. When you walk into the bike shop […]