Flat Tire? Fix it on the Go with the Dynaplug Micro Pro


Dynaplug Micro Pro Tire Repair Kit

If you have tubeless bike tires, flat tires are something that you probably don’t have to deal with too frequently. However, in those unfortunate times when you do get a flat on your tubeless tires, it can be very frustrating. Fortunately, the Dynaplug Micro Pro tire repair kit is here to alleviate much of the stress caused by getting a flat tire, allowing you to quickly fix your flat in a method similar to what’s been done with car tires for years.

Just like the tire shop does when your car gets a flat, you can now plug up holes in your tires, allowing you to get much more life out of them, even when unfortunate objects find a way to hamper your bike rides. The Dynaplug Micro Pro kit allows you to use tools to shoot a small plug of viscoelastic rubber into your tubeless tire, fixing punctures and holes that ruin your tire’s ability to hold air.

The kit comes with several metal-tipped rubber plugs. To repair a tire, you just use the kit’s tools to insert the rubber into your tire, and then you snip off the excess rubber that sticks out with the blade that comes included. Then, you just inflate your tire like nothing ever happened, and you’re good to go!


Using the Dynaplug Micro Pro is quick, easy, and efficient. This kit is small enough that you can comfortably bring it along on your bike, since you never know when a stray nail or piece of glass will try to ruin your bike ride. The kit is about the size of a wallet, and all of the contents fit neatly into an included metal case. The set in full contains: 1 Dynaplug Micro Pro tool, 5 tire repair plugs, 2 insertion tubes, 1 micro knife, 1 air stopper, 1 clearing attachment, and 1 pipe cleaner.

All of these tools will make your life much easier if you get a flat tire. The kit does not work with tires that use tubes, so this is another great reason to make the switch to tubeless tires on your bike.

If you want to rock tubeless tires without ever having to worry about getting a flat, definitely take a look at the Dynaplug Micro Pro tire repair kit! You can learn more here.

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