Marc Pro Plus – The Secret to Recovery

Marc Pro Plus

Marc Pro Plus Muscle Recovery and Conditioning Device

In 2015, we’re in a technological age where the tried-and-true methods of reaching peak athletic performance are quickly becoming obsolete, due to impressive new developments that take care of athletic challenges more efficiently.

One area where conventional methods are being overtaken by new technology is that of recovery. Every cyclist knows the feeling of muscle soreness and fatigue after a long day or two of riding. While traditional cyclists turn to recovery rides and stretching to loosen up muscles and get lactic acid out, technology like the Marc Pro Plus makes these DIY methods look very inefficient and laborious.

The Marc Pro Plus is a top-of-the-line recovery system that uses electrical impulses to stimulate muscles, reduce fatigue, and shorten recovery times. The device works by allowing you to place four electrodes on a muscle group that you know really needs some help. You can then control the intensity of the electrical impulses, and stimulate your muscles for 30 minutes at a time.

MARC (which stands for Muscle Activated Recovery Cascade) works by using the electrodes to stimulate your muscles, pumping out lactic acid and bringing blood to the problem areas to enhance muscle recovery and capillary development. The result is very similar to a recovery ride, but the Marc Pro Plus is a much better choice, since you can’t exactly overdo it, like you can when out on your bike. This way, you can get all the benefits of recovery while sitting on a couch, making sure that you’re refreshed and ready for your next ride without doing any further damage.


The Marc Pro Plus also has science on its side, as studies have consistently shown that electrode therapy is very effective in reducing muscle fatigue, and in long-term use, it’s even been shown that such technologies can increase muscle strength and vascularity. In a recent study by the Journal of Exercise Physiology, the Marc Pro Plus was tested against a control group that did not use the electrodes.

At the end of the study, it was determined that the group using the Marc Pro Plus had, on average, much stronger calf muscles (this was the only muscle group that was tested). It was also found that the group receiving treatment from the Marc Pro Plus was able to get more out of their muscles before experiencing fatigue.

The Marc Pro Plus is the premier option for cyclists that want to recover quickly, and come back charging hard for several more days of cycling. If you’re the kind of cyclist that likes to ride several days in a row, getting an electrode therapy system like this will make your life much easier, and much less painful.

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of electrode therapy, you can see the Marc Pro Plus in action in the video below. For more specs, head over to Backcountry to learn more about this incredible recovery system!

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