Recon Jet Smart Glasses are Here to Change the World


Recon Jet Glasses

It still remains to be seen whether “smart glasses” will be a big part of the future. The much-hyped Google Glass project turned out to be a major disappointment, and it seems like the hope for legitimately practical, everyday smart glasses is still just fantasy at this point.

However, what about smart glasses for athletes? The new Jet glasses from Recon Instruments are out to prove that smart glasses are very useful and absolutely awesome after all. These high-tech shades are intended specifically for runners, cyclists, and other outdoor enthusiasts, and they just started shipping this week. The glasses will be available to the public at large starting in July, and you can preorder them here!

Unlike the lukewarm reception and disappointing reactions to Google Glass, the reviews coming in about the Recon Jet glasses are extremely positive. These glasses might just change your life in the saddle, and for the better.

The Recon Jet glasses can do nearly anything you’d want while on a bicycle. First, the basics – these glasses use excellent sport lenses and durable construction to ensure that you get the full benefits of top-of-the-line sunglasses, first and foremost. However, the word “smart” isn’t just thrown onto things randomly, and what really sets the Recon Jet apart are its smart features.

The Jet glasses feature an attached display screen which can do all sorts of amazing things. You can measure all the metrics of your ride – pace, distance, calories burned, and so forth – right in this tiny corner screen. You can also take video with one touch, making the glasses like a less burdensome GoPro. The Jet also pairs with your smartphone, enabling you to receive calls, messages, and more right in your peripheral vision.

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Perhaps the most incredible thing about the Recon Jet glasses is the way in which it makes sure that you see all of this information, without having it be overwhelming or distracting. While Jet’s tiny display is equivalent to watching a 30-inch TV at 7 feet away, the screen will never distract you from keeping your eyes on the road for too long. It’s convenient placement in your periphery allows you to glance over without diverting all of your attention.

What’s even crazier is that the Recon Jet glasses know when you are glancing over. The glasses have built-in technology that detects the movement of your eyes, brightening the screen when you’re looking at it, and dimming the screen as soon as you avert your eyes. Pretty fancy, huh?

In addition to the features we’ve already mentioned, the Jet glasses can also post to social media, use GPS to locate nearby friends, and sync with your computer to provide a detailed, extensive workout profile over time. All of this is controlled with just a touch or two, making all of the Jet’s features easy to activate while you are on the bike, providing almost no distractions at all.

It’s somewhat rare that big technological innovations live up to the hype, but with the Recon Jet glasses, all the early indications seem to suggest that these smart glasses are the real deal. If this is the future of cycling technology, the future is looking pretty damn bright.

Learn more about the incredible Recon Jet glasses and get your own here!

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