Hydrate the Smart Way with SOS Rehydrate Drink Mix


SOS Rehydrate Doctor Formulated Hydration Drink Mix

We’ve written in the past about the best drinks to have while you’re cycling, and all of the beverages that we previously mentioned are great choices. However, when a new product comes along that might be better than all of the previous items we’ve discussed, we have to bring it to your attention.

Such is the case with the SOS Rehydrate Doctor Formulated Hydration Drink Mix. As the name implies, this recovery drink formula was created by a doctor – in conjunction with two former professional athletes – and has been proven to give your body exactly what it needs during long, demanding bicycle rides that sad your body of valuable water and electrolytes.

In studying the perfect formula for this drink, SOS discovered that far too many similar beverage mixes are much too high in sugars and carbs, and that they are too low in electrolytes. In these other drink mixes, this can lead to an energy crash, and inadequate electrolyte restoration – neither of which you want when you’re trying to stay as hydrated and energetic as possible on your bike.

So, SOS took these factors into account when creating  their Rehydrate Drink Mix, which is a recovery drink that will ensure that your body performs optimally even during long, vigorous physical activity. SOS Rehydrate Drink Mix redefines what a hydration drink should be, with 50% more electrolytes and 75% fewer carbs and sugars than other leading brands. Essentially, SOS has cut out all of the non-essential ingredients and flavors, leaving you with what your body really needs. Check out the ingredients in the picture below!


SOS Rehydrate Drink Mix does not use any artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives, and helps you absorb water at a rate that is three times faster than just drinking water on its own. For $7.99 you get five packets of Rehydrate Drink Mix, which you can mix up in a water bottle before heading out on your bike, or you can bring it along for a pit stop, if you so choose.

When your body is starting to experience dehydration on the bike, you’ll be needing an SOS…in the form of SOS Rehydrate Drink Mix!

You should definitely give this excellent new supplement a try on your next long bike ride. We guarantee that you’ll be feeling refreshed and better than ever before!
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