New Bike Friday Cargo Bike

Bike Friday Cargo Bike

Cargo Bikes Revolutionize Commuter Cycling

Your carbon-fiber, 15-pound road bike may kick butt in a cycling race but ask it to hold more than a water bottle and maybe a saddlebag or two and it will snap like a twig.

No, for big loads — ranging from children to furniture — more and more cyclists are relying on heavy duty Cargo Bikes, which can handle hundreds of pounds of weight.

As more and more people are trading in their cars and opting for bikes as their primary form of transportation, these bike beasts are becoming increasingly in demand.

Custom-Built Cargo Bike

One of the newest models in this market is the adjustable 20-inch-wheel cargo bike from Eugene, Oregon-based custom bike manufacturer Bike Friday.

Cargo Bikes For Bicycle Touring

The new bike, the Haul-a-Day, was launched last week on Kickstarter and has already surpassed its $45,000 goal.

Unlike other Cargo Bikes, the Haul-a-Day can be adjusted for a range of different riders. Mom and Dad, for example, could both switch off using it as their vehicle. The bike accommodates riders between 4’6″ and 6’4″.

The standard model can hold a rider up to 220 pounds plus an additional 200 pounds of cargo. Weighing in at only 32 pounds, it is lighter than many competing models and 20″ front and rear wheels provide greater stability.

Cargo Bikes For Families

It’s weight capacity makes it an ideal vehicle for families. Thanks to it’s smooth ride, however, it is also an awesome bike for bicycle touring.

Each bike is custom built at the Bike Friday headquarters in Eugene.

Check out the Bike Friday Kickstarter campaign to learn more and reserve one of these innovative bikes for yourself.

Through Kickstarter, The Haul-a-Day frame and wheels cost $899. Two additional models are also available for between $1,299 and $1,799.

Best Cargo Bikes On The Market

Can’t wait to get your hands on an awesome cargo bike? Try one of the several models currently available on the market.

One of the best available cargo bikes is the Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike, which has a weight capacity of 440 lbs (riders plus cargo).

Cargo Bikes For Families

Some of the bike’s highlights:

  • Oversized, 2-legged kickstand keeps bike stable and upright while loading passengers or cargo
  • Steel runers along base provide convenient place for passengers to rest feet
  • 26 in. wheels ensure supportive performance, even on rough roads
  • Cushy seat, swept back handlebars
  • Get the Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike from REI for $1,299.

Ready to trade in that SUV? We hope so!


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