The X-Fire 5-LED Taillight Makes Cycling at Night Safer than Ever

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X-Fire 5-LED Taillight

When you’re bicycling at night, the hazards are obviously much greater than riding during the daytime. With reduced light and visibility, cars can become more of a threat than usual to cyclists. Accordingly, most bicyclists opt for LED bike lights, alerting drivers to their presence.

While front and back-mounted lights can certainly help drivers know that you’re on the road, one new product is particularly useful for night cycling.

The X-Fire 5-LED Taillight not only serves as a back-mounted LED light, but it even provides you with your own, illuminated bicycle lane, showing drivers exactly the distance they should keep from your bicycle.

Obviously, bike lanes are much harder for drivers to see at night, and the X-Fire 5-LED Taillight will help solve this problem. You will have an illuminated bike lane for all to see, no matter how dark the night gets. This will serve to keep you safer on your bike, as this extra insurance policy not only shows drivers that there is a bike on the road, but exactly what distance to keep.


The X-Fire 5-LED Taillight combines a display of 5 LED lights for the main light, combined with 2 projected LED beams marking your lane. The beams are long enough to provide visibility on both the side and behind your bike, clearly demarcating the boundaries that should be afforded to you on your bicycle.

This light is visible at distances of nearly 1 mile, giving drivers plenty of opportunity to see you before they get too close. The X-Fire 5-LED Taillight is also waterproof and shockproof, holding up in any elements and through most crashes.

When mounting the X-Fire 5-LED Taillight, you should attach it under your saddle for optimum results, although alternative placements are possible. The light uses 3 AAA batteries for power, and is incredibly easy to set up.

For just $24.95, the X-Fire 5-LED Taillight is a great extra safety measure for any bicyclist who likes to ride during the evening, whether on a commute or for fun.

You can purchase the excellent, innovative X-Fire 5-LED Taillight here!

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