Top Five Health Benefits of Biking: Why You Should Be Biking to Work

Five Health Benefits of Biking

I’ve been biking to work everyday for years! Here are my top five health benefits of cycling to work & around your city. Look sexy, feel great and more!

And whether you’re like me and in the habit of biking a few miles to work every day or you’ve taken bicycle tours across countries, you know that cycling makes you look and feel great.

But in case you’re skeptical, hear me out:

Biking casually won’t get you as beefed up as the grunting powerhouses in the weight room at the gym, but it will build muscle, burn fat and increase your overall level of health.

Different exercises offer different health benefits. Running is great for burning fat but won’t increase much muscle, whereas weight training will increase muscle size but won’t burn a lot of fat.

Bicycling provides a combination of both of these health benefits while also building endurance and promoting heart health.

The Five Greatest Benefits of Cycling

There are countless benefits to biking, but here are my top five favorite reasons:

You’ll Lose Inches Off Your Waist

When you get in the habit of cycling around your city (Boston, what what!) or decide to take a lengthy bike tour, you will lose inches off of your waist and everywhere else on your body.

Even by cycling at a leisurely pace, you’ll burn fat. But you’ll turn into a human fat burning furnace when you start biking at high speeds. The high intensity power needed to move your legs quickly will melt the calories away.

Even after your ride is over, you’ll have boosted your metabolism for the rest of the day, so go ahead and chow down on a greasy burger. You’ll deserve it.

Your Mental Health Will Improve

This is especially true for bikers that ride to work like me. Think about the wind blowing through your hair and the sun shining on your face versus the feeling of standing in a crowded, stuffy subway car. It’s no wonder your mental health will be improved!

By cycling to and from work, bikers have time to clear their thoughts and partake in an enjoyable experience to begin and end their stressful days. You’ll get to work happier which will improve performance, and you’ll melt the stress of the day away on the ride home.

I’ve been cycling to and from work, and across Boston for band practice, for years and wouldn’t have it any other way. If you live in a bike friendly city, trade your emission of greenhouse gases for exercise and fun. Your job will be more enjoyable. Trust me.

In addition to the pleasure associated with hopping on the bike, your mental health benefits from any type of physical activity. If you are, or ever were, a gym rat you’ll know what I mean. Remember hopping on the stairmaster? Pumping iron in the free weight section? What happens after? You feel happier, sharper and more focused. Pumping those bike pedals does the same thing. Get that blood flowing to your brain and release those endorphins!

You’ll Tone Your Muscles AKA Look Sexier

In addition to killer legs, cycling will give you a tighter butt, stronger abs and sleeker arms. It’s obvious that biking works your leg muscles, but you probably don’t even feel the positive effects of the other muscles being worked (but your partner sure does!).

Of course, the amount of muscle tone you achieve will be directly related to your intensity. A thousand mile bike tour will be a lot more beneficial than a 15-minute ride to work.

Though, even if you’re just cycling to and from work, you’ll still see greater definition, and your partner will feel it.

Your Heart Health Will Improve

Cardiovascular fitness is a result of any form of exercises, and biking is no exception. Getting your heart pumping every day will make it stronger and less susceptible to diseases.

Your heart operates in a similar way to the rest of your muscles. Leave it sitting still for too long and it will grow weak. Pump it up by increasing blood flow and it will build strength.

Cycling has also been associated with a decreased risk for coronary heart disease.

You’ll Live Longer

Even when the risks of cycling are taken into consideration, studies show that bicycling increases your lifespan. Even for bicyclists in the city who run the risk of getting hit by drivers, the health benefits outweigh the risks.

For those of you that are seasoned bikers, this information is nothing new, and you’re probably sitting there flexing your calves as you read this. Keep it up, because your cycling habits will continue to bring you good health and unbeatable fitness.

If you’re only just starting out as a serious cyclist, get ready for a full makeover for your body and mind. The benefits will be noticeable and awesome.

About Leanne

Leanne is a writer and musician living in Boston. Her interest in cycling was born when she realized how convenient biking in the city was, and it has evolved from there. Whether biking down the street for dinner or across the city for band practice with a bass on her back, Leanne has become an avid urban biker.

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